Alabama Veterinary Medical School

Alabama Veterinary Medical School has a 3 part mission that includes teaching, research and service.

According to their official website, “The primary mission of the School of Veterinary Medicine is to provide an environment that promotes and nurtures independent and self-directed leaning, teaching and service in veterinary medicine and related disciplines. The Office of Veterinary Admissions and Recruitment is committed to special emphasis on the recruitment, enrollment, and retention of African American and other underrepresented ethnic minority groups. Our effort is to maintain our rich legacy of enrolling and graduating the most diverse veterinary classes in the nation.”

Read on to see how this can benefit your DVM experience!


Alabama Veterinary Medical School


Office of Veterinary Admissions and Recruitment
(334) 727-8460
Fax: (334) 727-8177

Email: [email protected]


Tuskegee University
School of Veterinary Medicine
Tuskegee, AL 36088


Quick Facts

1. Application Deadline
Applications are due October 1st.

2. GRE or MCAT
The GRE is required; MCAT is not permissible as a substitute. GRE scores must be submitted by October 1. The GRE must have been taken within the past three years.

3. Students
Approximately 400 students are currently enrolled in the four year DVM program.

4. Four-year Total Tuition Cost
Based on 2012-2013 tuition rates for the DVM degree

• In State Tuition: $43,440 ($10,860/year)
• Out of State Tuition: $72,540 ($18,135/year)

5. Accreditation
Alabama Veterinary Medical School was given
full accreditation status by the American Veterinary Medical Association.

6. School Rank
Alabama Veterinary Medical School’s rank was not published by US News and World Reports in 2011.

7. School History
The Alabama Veterinary Medical School was founded in 1945 and the first class in the DVM program graduated 4 years later. Since it’s establishment, Alabama Veterinary Medical School has graduated more than 70% of the African-American veterinarians in the US.

8. Transfer Students
Not Accepted

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)
The Alabama Medical Veterinary School has four departments:

1. Biomedical Sciences
2. Pathobiology
3. Large Animal Medicine
4. Small Animal Medicine

The school follows the One Medicine, One Health philosophy that connects animal and human health.

Alabama Medical Veterinary School is located in Tuskegee, Alabama – approximately 40 miles from Montgomery and 20 miles from Auburn.


Admissions Information

Out of the typical 65-70 of the accepted incoming students, there are no “seats” saved for residents or non-residents.

Evaluation Basis

When evaluating applicants for admission into the Alabama Medical Veterinary School the following items are considered:

• Academic record
• Academic trends
• Letters of recommendation
• Work Experience
• Test Scores

Criteria Weighting

• Grades – 60%
• Test Scores – 2%
• Animal/Veterinary Experience – 1%
• Interview – 15%
• Reference from a Science Professor – 2%
• Reference from a Veterinarian – 1%
• Essay – 29%

The minimum suggested Science and Overall GPA is between 2.7 and 4.0.

Interviews are required.
Letters of Recommendation/Evaluations (a total of 3)

1. Veterinarian
2. Science/Professor
3. Other



• Application Deadline – Oct 1
• GRE Scores – Oct 1
• Interviews – January to February
• Acceptances Mailed – mid-April


Before you Apply

A bachelor’s degree is NOT required, however it is strongly recommended. However, a minimum of 100 semester credits are needed for admission.


Pre-requisite Course Requirements
All pre-requisite courses should be completed with a C or better. All prerequisite course grades must be completed by May.


Math and Science Prerequisite Courses (minimum semester credits)

• *Advanced Biology Courses – level 300 and above (9)
• Organic Chemistry with lab (4)
• Biochemistry with lab (4)
• Physics I and II with labs (8)
• Science Electives – Anatomy, Genetics, Microbiology, Physiology, others (8)
• Animal Nutrition (3)
• Intro to Animal Science (3)
• Math (6)

*may include: Ecology, Biology, Zoology, Physiology, Microbiology, Anatomy (Vertebrate), Immunology, Genetics, Histology, Other

General Education Requirements (minimum semester credits)

• Humanities and Social Sciences (6)
• English or Written Composition (6)
• Liberal Arts (6)
• Physical Education (if no B.S.) (2)


Required Experience

Veterinary and Animal Experience
A specific amount of veterinary medical experience is not required but strongly encouraged to work with at least one veterinarian.


Degrees Offered

• Veterinary Science
• Tropical Animal Health
• Public Health

• Integrative Biosciences
• Interdisciplinary Pathology
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